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Synolo Skincare Breathless Kit: Simple Step-By-Step Skin Routine For Women | Remove Dirt & Makeup, Cleanse, Detox, Hydrate, Purify For Smoother Cleaner Looking Skin



Women's Breathless Kit

  • STEP 0) CLEANSING OIL (4 oz) | Rinses Away The Day’s Makeup And Dissolves Debris Without Stripping the Skin Of Its Natural Oils, Leaving Your Skin Clean, Soft, And Radiant

    STEP 1) PURIFYING CLEANSER (4 fl oz)| Multi-Functional Cleanser Purifies, Removes Makeup, Tones, Tightens Skin, And Gently Exfoliates Surface Cells For Refreshed Skin

    STEP 2) TONER (4 fl oz)| Energize And Refresh Dull Stressed-Out Skin With Our “All-In-One” Refreshing Toner| Tightens and Calms Skin| Removes Traces Of Cleansers Drawing Moisture Into The Skin For Refreshed Skin

    STEP 3) SERUM (1 fl oz)| Professional Strength Serum With Vitamin C, Green Tea And Powerful Ingredients Boost Skin Cells Resulting In A Smooth, Healthy, Radiant Glow

    STEP 4) TIMELESS MOISTURIZER (1.7 fl oz) “Turn Back The Clock” Daily Moisturizer with Vitamin C From Rosehips and Teprenone for All Skin Types, Oil Free, Fragrance Free



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